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Pilot Rock BPR1 Bear Resistant Trash Receptacle

Product Description

Product Description

Series Overview

Model BPR1 Bear Resistant Trash and Recycling Receptacle With 1 Module is designed … and tested … to keep bears out.  It has been CERTIFIED by the Living With Wildlife Foundation (LWWF) and the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center (GWDC) using the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) protocol.

The un-bear-able features include:

CONSTRUCTION: All heavy 14 ga. steel fabrication.  Round shape provides structural strength.  Ships fully assembled.  Receptacle sits up off the ground for extended service life.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Includes 36-gallon heavy duty rigid plastic liners.  Model BPR1 includes a tilt-out frame on which you can hang plastic garbage bags if you prefer (bags not included).  Four-point surface anchor base with ½” x 5” concrete screw anchor bolts included.  Unit must be anchored to be bear resistant.

FRONT ACCESS DOOR: The front door design provides easier access to the liner inside and more installation location options.  On Model BPR1 the door release is inside the receptacle and accessible when the hatch is open.  Two latch points keep the door tightly closed.

LARGE HATCH OPENING: 16-inch diameter hinged hatch opens up for easy depositing of trash.  The extra wide hinge keeps the round lid from twisting.  The hatch edge is vinyl trimmed for safety and provides a more weather tight seal.  The spring loaded trigger release for hatch is covered to limit access to human fingers only.

DECAL: "TRASH ONLY" decal is included.  The decal is self adhesive with green lettering on white vinyl plastic.

FINISH: Brown textured powder coat finish is standard.  Or choose textured powder coat finish in your choice of green, black or blue.

Product Details

CSI Division: 32 33 23
CSI Division Title: Site Trash and Litter Receptacles
Manufacturer's Brochure: http://www.pilotrock.com/userdocs/specs/bpr1_36.pdf
Product Cut Sheet/Specs/Demo: http://www.pilotrock.com/userdocs/specs/bpr1_36.pdf

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