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Guide to the ADA Standards

Operable Parts Covered [§205]

Compliance is required for operable parts located in accessible spaces and along accessible routes. Operable parts include light switches, electrical and communication receptacles, thermostats, alarm pulls, automatic door controls, and other elements used by facility occupants.

Examples of Operable Parts

Examples of operable parts (fire extinguisher cabinet, drinking fountain, fire alarm pull, and electrical outlet. Notes: Compliance is required for the operable portions of fixed elements, such as cabinet hardware, but not for inoperable portions or to non-fixed components, such as fire extinguishers; Electrical outlets, alarm pulls, and many other types of receptacles and controls are covered; Provisions for drinking fountains and other elements covered by the standards also apply the criteria for operable parts; Exempt: floor receptacles and operable parts used only by service or maintenance personnel.

Examples of Operable Parts in Kitchens

Examples of operable parts in kitchens (faucet controls, outlets, appliance controls, and cabinet handles). Labels and notes: Electrical outlets, switches, and faucet controls are required to comply; Appliance controls and handles to accessible storage are also covered as operable parts; Controls on elements outside reach range, such as range hoods, require provision of a second control; If redundant controls (other than light switches) are provided for an element, one control in each space is not required to comply; Exempt: HVAC diffusers and dedicated electrical or communication receptacles.