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Access all federal documents and thousands of products reviewed by our technical experts!

Access to:

  • ADA regulations & standards
  • Official federal technical assistance documents and videos
  • Thousands of ETA-evaluated access-related products and services
  • Voices discussions, news, upcoming events, job board postings
  • Downloadable survey and plan review tools in the Corada Shop
  • Find a specialist in your area using Corada’s “Find an Accessibility Specialist” feature
  • Corada newsletter
  • Share content via email or social media
  • ETA-produced instructional videos including “How to Measure,” “How to Construct” and product installation
  • Access-related research, history behind the standards, court cases and legal briefs
  • Save and organize content to My Bookmarks
  • Participate in discussions and view Technical Interpretations and Opinions in Corada Voices
  • Continuing education, webinars and training opportunities



Access selected state accessibility codes, official technical assistance documents and details!

All the Registered User's access, plus:

  • Selected state requirements and official state technical assistance documents and details
  • Find upcoming access-related events and add them directly to your Outlook calendar
  • Ask technical questions Access Specialists’ technical interpretations and opinions
  • Drawings, design solutions, and 2D and 3D architectural details including CAD and BIM files
  • Create a WorkSpace where you can make notes to yourself and upload your own project-specific content to view in context with Corada’s vast database
  • Create a WorkGroup where you can work individually or collaborate with your project team or staff; invite users to upload, bookmark and discuss content
  • Expanded access to continuing education, webinars and training opportunities

Accessibility Specialist



Access ALL of Corada's content, advertise your services and compose professional Opinions!

All the Premium User's access, plus:

  • Upload your qualifications, resume or company brochure and advertise your services in “Find an Accessibility Specialist”
  • Create up to 12 WorkGroups for real-time collaboration with consultants, clients, co-workers, project teams and staff
  • Store up to 5GB of your project-specific content with the option to buy more storage and more WorkGroups
  • Answer technical questions in Corada Voices
  • Compose professional Interpretations and Opinions to post in Corada Voices; with the option to post anonymously