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F246 Viewing Areas

F246.1 General

This section contains the scoping requirements for viewing areas, other than viewing areas on trails. The scoping requirements for viewing areas on trails are contained in F247.4.3. The term viewing area is defined in F106.5 as an outdoor space developed for viewing a landscape, wildlife, or other points of interest.

F246.2 Distinct Viewing Locations

This section requires each distinct viewing location within a viewing area to comply with the technical requirements for viewing areas in 1015. Viewing areas can provide more than one distinct viewing location. For example, a viewing area can provide a distinct viewing location for observing a mountain range, and another distinct viewing location for observing a river. Distinct viewing locations within a viewing area can be designated by signs or other markers.

F246.3 Outdoor Constructed Features

This section requires at least 20 percent, but not less than one, of each type of outdoor constructed feature provided within viewing areas to comply with the applicable technical requirements in 1011.

F246.4 Outdoor Recreation Access Routes

This section requires at least one outdoor recreation access route to connect accessible parking spaces or other site arrival points serving the viewing area with accessible elements, spaces, and facilities provided within the viewing area.


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