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Landscape Forms Inc. MutipliCITY Trash Receptacle

Product Description

Product Description

The MutipliCITY litter shares a visual vocabulary with the path light in which robust verticals end in graceful winged forms. The unusually graceful litter is offered in single and double versions. The single litter is an aluminum casting holding a single roto-molded bin. The double litter has a two-winged aluminum casting that fits over a vertical aluminum extrusion spine and holds two bins. Bins “float” when suspended from the frame, or are grounded when attached to a roto-molded based filled with ballast.

  • Litter available in single or double units
  • The litter is available as a freestanding / surface mount (with base) or embedded
  • Freestanding base is roto-molded and will require the end user to fill with sand for weight
  • Single Bin has approximately an 18 gallon capacity and is roto-molded with built in handles, a bag hanger, and optional lock.
  • Double units are back to back with 36 gallon total capacity
  • Plate options for the top of the bin include a standard waste opening, round recycling, and slotted recycling.
  • Litters will meet applicable LFI and BIFMA light duty litter standards
  • MultipliCITY is available fully assembled or in flat pack shipping and local assembly for domestic and International markets.
  • Litter supports come in prefinished anodized cast aluminum or powdercoat finish

Product Details

CSI Division: 32 33 23
CSI Division Title: Site Trash and Litter Receptacles
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Landscape Forms Inc. MultipliCITY Trash Receptacle

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