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ABA Accessibility Standard for GSA Facilities Pocket Guide

1015 Viewing Areas

1015.1 General.

Viewing areas shall comply with 1015.

EXCEPTION: In alterations, when an entity determines that a condition in 1019 does not permit full compliance with a specific provision in 1015, the viewing area shall comply with the provision to the extent practicable.

1015.2 Clear Ground Space.

A clear ground space shall be provided at each distinct viewing location. The clear ground space shall be 36 inches (915 mm) minimum by 48 inches (1220 mm) minimum and shall be positioned for either a forward or parallel approach to the viewing location. One full unobstructed side of the clear ground space shall adjoin or overlap an outdoor recreation access route or trail, as applicable, or another clear ground space.

1015.3 Viewing Space.

Each distinct viewing location shall provide a viewing space adjacent to the clear ground space required by 1015.2 through which the point of interest is viewable. The viewing space shall be 32 inches (815 mm) maximum and 51 inches (1295 mm) minimum high above the ground and shall extend the full width of the clear ground space.

EXCEPTION: Guards or similar safety barriers shall be permitted to obstruct the viewing space to the extent the obstruction is necessary for the guard or safety barrier to serve its intended purpose.

1015.4 Turning Space.

A turning space complying with 304.3 shall be provided within viewing areas.

1015.5 Surface.

The surface of clear ground spaces and turning spaces shall be firm and stable.

1015.6 Slope.

The slope of the surface of clear ground spaces and turning spaces shall not be steeper than 1:48 in any direction.

EXCEPTION: Where the surface is other than asphalt, concrete, or boards, slopes not steeper than 1:20 shall be permitted when necessary for drainage.


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