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QuickCaption Remote Realtime Captioning CART

Product Description

Product Description

QuickCaption not only uses qualified RTCs (Realtime Captionists) but maintains an emergency staff.  This allows each student to receive quality captioning with virtually no class uncaptioned. We utilize RTCs who specialize in remote captioning and who utilize cable or DSL for their connections, thus they can troubleshoot and function more efficiently. 

We pair the RTC's experience to class or event types/topics to maximize topic-specific dictionaries. QuickCaption requires all realtime notes to be emailed to our office within 48 hours for quality assurance as well as archiving. Realtime notes are also emailed directly to the student/client upon completion of the assignment (as well as to the instructor/presenter and/or to disabled student services office, if requested). 

Our fee for remote CART carries no charge for preparatory or editing time (unless previously agreed upon in specific, especially difficult assignments) and includes the cost of the programs below. We have a two-hour per-day minimum, not per class/event. There is no charge for any class/event cancelled more than 48 hours in advance.

Set up and connection: The university/business will supply the student/client with a laptop computer, microphone of good++ quality, and Internet access (high-speed wired or wireless). Ten to fifteen minutes before the class/event, the student/client will initiate audio accessibility. In addition, the student/client can meet their captionist by visiting us here and utilizing the following link (Join Meeting) to participate in the sharing of our real-time captioning application.

QuickCaption will be more than happy to assist in preparing for and testing our remote realtime captioning services. This assistance can be performed over the telephone and takes approximately 15-30 minutes. Once it has been decided to utilize our remote CART services, we will ask that prior to the event or the first meeting of class that someone set up in a classroom for a "dry run." 

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