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Mind's Eye Audio Description for Television, Film and Video

Product Description

Product Description

For many of the 25 million Americans who have vision loss, television, film and video are only partly enjoyable.  Audio description is additional narration inserted into pauses between dialogue, music, and sounds effects in the original soundtrack to describe scenes that a person needs to follow the story, such as the shadow standing behind a door with a knife in hand, or a dream sequence that is imperative to the plot.

This added vivid, objective language translates images and other visual information into spoken words so that people who are visually impaired can access, enjoy, and learn from works of popular, cultural, or educational importance.  While description was developed for people with vision impairment, millions of others may also benefit from the concise translation of key visual components.

Audio description services are typically provided through the use of the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) channel that can be switched on/off with a button located on the TV or remote control. 

Mind’s Eye Audio has 12 years experience in audio description productions; many are produced for the Described and Captioned Media Program, a free, educational video lending library. Contact Mind's Eye for a quote, kelly@mindseyeaudio.com, or 608/438-4178.

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