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Blueraven Creative SensoryPEN™ for Exhibits and Audio Tours

Product Description

Product Description

Creative Ideas that Fly . . .

Clean and powerful graphics, narrative and technical illustrations that capture your story . . . sound-enabled exhibits and audio tours that reach people from different cultures or learning styles, are fun to create and easy to customize with the simple technology of SensoryPEN™.

Work with Tricia directly to see what utmost care, unmatched quality and exceptional service will bring to your next project.

Simple Technology

SensoryPEN™ triggers tiny, almost invisible codes embedded into your graphic to play custom audio clips when activated. These codes may be embedded into exterior-grade aluminum buttons or diecut shapes or in temporary interior substrates like vinyl and paper.

SensoryPEN™ incorporates touch, sight and sound to balance what technology has to offer without distracting your visitors away from the experience they came to experience in the first place.

Your visitors are emotionally engaged, and your story remembered.

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Manufacturer's Compliance Claim

"...sound-enabled exhibits and audio tours that reach people from different cultures or learning styles, are fun to create and easy to customize with the simple technology of SensoryPEN™."

Product Compliance

ADA compliant if installed correctly

Disability Types

  • Vision

Product Application

  • ADA Covered Facilities
  • Non-Architectural Product