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Comparison: 2010 and 1991 ADA Standards for Accessible Design - Scoping Requirements

This document on scoping requirements and its companion document on technical requirements were created as references to understand the differences between the 1991 and the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The documents only include sections of the Standards that are new or different.

These documents are intended as informal guidance; they have not been reviewed by any federal agencies.

217 Telephones

1991 Standards for Accessible Design

2010 Standards for Accessible Design

What’s New/Different

4.1.3(17)(b) All telephones required to be accessible and complying with 4.31.2 through 4.31.8 shall be equipped with a volume control. In addition, 25 percent, but never less than one, of all other public telephones provided shall be equipped with a volume control and shall be dispersed among all types of public telephones, including closed circuit telephones, throughout the building or facility. Signage complying with applicable provisions of 4.30.7 shall be provided.

217.3 Volume Controls. All public telephones shall have volume controls complying with 704.3.

Change: All public telephones required to have volume controls.

c) The following shall be provided in accordance with 4.31.9:

(i) If a total of four or more public pay telephones (including both interior and exterior telephones) is provided at a site, and at least one is in an interior location, then at least one interior public text telephone shall be provided.

217.4 TTYs. TTYs complying with 704.4 shall be provided in accordance with 217.4.

Increase in requirement.


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