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Door Scope® Door Viewer

Product Description

ETA Compliance Review

Product Description

A revolutionary patented, high-tech, high quality security product which virtually eliminates the conventional peephole. With Door Scope®, you don't have to approach the door nor strain to see visitors through a peephole anymore. Door Scope provides you with a sharp, clear image of the outside visitor up to seven feet away from inside your door. 

  • Provides 168 degree wide- angle view

  • Viewable from up to 7 feet inside your home

  • Quick, accurate and reliable identification of all visitors

  • Durable and maintenance free

  • Inexpensive

  • Easy installation

  • Available in 36 countries

  • Actual image supposed to be reversed

Product Details

CSI Division: #<CsiDivision:0x000000000e0dd2f8>
CSI Division Title: Door Hardware

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Manufacturer's Compliance Claim


ETA Compliance Review

This unit does not provide a 180 degree view as required by section 809.5.5.2.

Product Compliance

Not designed for ADA compliance but may improve access

Disability Types

  • Little People
  • Other Mobility
  • Wheelchair/Scooter

Product Application

  • ADA Covered Facilities
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Single-Family Residential


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