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NetCentric Technologies Inc. CommonLook PDF Validator Software

Product Description

Product Description

Product Description

The CommonLook PDF Validator is the only PDF checker that tests a document against Section 508, WCAG 2.0 AA, PDF/UA, and HHS (U.S. Health and Human Services) standards.  In addition, users can customize the checkpoints within any standard to fit the specific accessibility needs of their organization.

Furthermore, the CommonLook PDF Validator allows the user to not only verify compliance to the checkpoints that can be tested with automation, but also to test elements such as proper reading order, sufficiently descriptive alternative text, accurate table summaries for complex tables, and more!

Some PDF verification products only check against PDF/UA. Other checkers do not specify at all which standards are being tested (and may even include a disclaimer stating that their results should not be used as any sort of compliance certification).  Some software has even been known to give false positives or false negatives – passing documents that are not in compliance or failing documents that do, in fact, meet PDF accessibility specifications.  The CommonLook PDF Validator, however, will allow the user to certify that their document is, indeed, in compliance with any selected standard, and will provide a report as documentation.

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