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AccessRec PathMat Temporary ADA Beach Access Mat

Product Description

Product Description

Counties, Cities, Towns, National & State Parks, other government and non-profit organizations officials, as well as any individual willing to increase accessibility to their beaches should consider providing our PathMat Beach Access Mat to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

Temporary ADA Beach Access Mat

PathMat Beach Access Mats have been specifically developed for use in permanent or temporary recreation access applications. PathMat is a portable and removable rollout access route that can be used in a multitude of applications for individuals of all abilities (pedestrians and wheelchairs access), as well aslight vehicles including strollers, bicycles and ATVs.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing - Visually attractive, the blue color of the PathMat provides a surface that is highly visible, delineating the route to access recreation areas for people with visual impairments.

  • Affordable - Offered at less than $10.00 per square foot, including shipping costs, AccessRec, LLC provides you the most affordable way to create a beach access route. Do not forget to compare the costs required in frequent replacement and extensive installation or maintenance, which may actually end up costing much more!!!

  • Comfortable and Safe - Developed specifically for both animal and people traffic, the product provides a barefoot friendly surface for beach goers. Wherever a water pervious, enhanced grip walkway access is required PathMat Beach Access Mat is the solution. PathMat’s slip resistant surface proves a safe surface in wet conditions. The elastomeric material provides safe edges that do not require secondary finishing. This highly reduces the risk of injury to bare feet.

  • Durable - The material thickness, durability of construction and portability of the product make it the perfect solution for providing accessible beach pathways. Utilizing the proven oscillated mesh design ensures that rigidity and strength are preserved over soft sand surfaces while the elastomeric material is able to contour to undulating surfaces.

  • Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable - This environmentally friendly, slip resistant product is easily installed and removed per environmental regulations. The mat is also able to be cut and formed around existing beach structures, in addition to protected native beach dunes. The UV stabilized elastomeric material is recyclable after use reducing its environmental impact.

  • Quick Installation and Maintenance - PathMat Beach Access Mat is available in roll form allowing for a quick roll and pin installation. Its lightweight design (0.76 lbs/) allows for ease of installation. When the beach season is over, PathMat can easily be removed as its structure does not allow sand to get stuck to it. Two people can install a 5’ x 32’ section in just 10 minutes. Minimal maintenance – the product can be cleaned by use of a broom, blower, or pressure washer – sand goes through the permeable structure of the mat.

    The extremities of PathMat Beach Access are finished with plastic connectors to connect two mats together using staples supplied in the Kit.

Product Details

CSI Division: 32 18 00
CSI Division Title: Athletic and Recreational Surfacing
Manufacturer's Brochure: http://accessrec.com/images/LLC/products/pathmat/PathMat-Fiberweb-Brochure1.pdf
Product Cut Sheet/Specs/Demo: http://accessrec.com/images/LLC/products/pathmat/PathMat-Tech-Data.pdf

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