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AccessRec Mr. Boardwalk Modular Walkway

Product Description

Product Description

Beach Access Walkways

Modular walkways are made of two different materials: Trex® (wood & plastic composite) and TEAK (wood). They are designed for high traffic public use at the beach for permanent and temporary installations. Misterr Boardwalk products have a unique patented design. They provide a safe, flat walking surface that smoothly transitions from one section to the next.

The benefits of using our materials are multiple. No nail to rust, deteriorate, pop out or get hot. Mister Boardwalk provides a safe, flat walking surface that smoothly transitions from one section to the next. It is easily installed, re-positioned or removed by Public Works or Maintenance personnel.

Mister Boardwalk has some great winter features as it won’t show signs of buckling & cracks. Snowblowers & salt are OK (or shovel sideways).

It is designed for tough use and Mister Boarwalk will last you for 20 years or more…

Our Mister Boarwalk products are made in the USA. Its pricing runs from $33 to $55 per linear foot respectively in 36” and 60” wide, but we can also offer Mister Boarwalk in 42”, 48”, and 72” wide.

TREX® (Wood & Plastic Composite): TREX® is the most popular recycled or “plastic-type” deck lumber by far. TREX® re-cycles Hardwood Sawdust and Plastic Shopping Bags into deck lumber.

We recommend TREX® for many reasons. First of all, TREX® is priced about the same, OR LOWER, than the most expensive beach access material, the Mobi-Mat® products. And most competitors can’t show you a successful project that’s been around for many, many years. TREX® has been around for more than a decade and can point to several successful, long term, high profile projects around the USA. To our knowledge TREX® has always stood by their product, replacing defective material at no cost and has always put the customer first.

We think, as do most others, that TREX® is really neat stuff – expensive though. The cost of Mister Boardwalk® products is about doubled when we use TREX® (shipping is also more expensive because TREX® is heavier than other deck lumbers).

But then, you get LOTS OF ADVANTAGES:

  • No Splinters

  • Expected to last more than 20 years

  • Nearly maintenance free

  • Great traction, wet or dry

  • Meets all ADA standards

  • No rotting or cracking

  • Environmentally friendly & made with recycled material

TREX® first got going (in a serious way) in our area (New Jersey), so we can check on high profile projects nearby that have held up well for over a decade, even at the oceanfront, and still look nearly new. For PUBLIC WORKS & COMMERCIAL PROJECTS, we strongly recommend TREX® and particularly at the beach where splinters are a huge liability.

TEAK (wood material): We have used the terms TEAK so that the general public will better understand the nature of the material we are offering.

We actually supply a product marketed as DIAMOND DECKING® (sometimes called IPE or Pau Lope), a responsibly harvested (no damage to the Rain Forest!) South American Hardwood that we believe is superior to both Teak & Mahogany (& Pressure Treated Pine, for that matter).

Diamond Decking® will probably out last Teak & Pressure Treated Pine and will surely out last Mahogany (It actually rivals “old growth” cypress & cedar heartwood for longevity!). Yet it retains the best qualities of a fine wood. First, it’s natural with a beautiful grain that is tight & elegant and the color is rich & warm, virtually the same as Teak. And it weathers to an attractive silvery gray, if you like.

Also, Diamond Decking® is the strongest of the wood materials we offer, sometimes exceeding the strength of the other materials by as much as 100%–it’s very tough stuff!

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CSI Division: 32 18 00
CSI Division Title: Athletic and Recreational Surfacing

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