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Introducing Corada!     

Corada, the Comprehensive Online Resource for the ADA powered by Evan Terry Associates, is an online database that connects the ADA requirements and official technical assistance materials to other relevant information about the ADA.

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We are adding and revising content and features, tweaking the software, and testing Corada every day. We look forward to your comments!

 Here's what you guys are saying:        

"Love, love, love this website.” – Mack Blanton, ADA Project Manager, City of Jacksonville, FL

"LOVE the discussion, back-up and analysis....[regarding Corada Voices]" - Diana Ibarra, President/Architect, Orlando, FL

"Corada brought me immediately to what I was searching for.” - Karen Li, San Diego, CA

• "Awesome!!! Wished I had this 5 Years ago." - David Strickland, ADA Coordinator, Glynn County, GA

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