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Corada winglets with speak bubbleHere's what you guys are saying:

"Love, love, love this website.” – Mack Blanton, ADA Project Manager, City of Jacksonville, FL

• "Great to see how your team is measuring - it will help develop some continuity for onsite measurements within disparate teams. Thanks for doing this!" [Regarding this 'How To Measure' video] - Karen Braitmayer

"Your website looks great and I can only thank you for including us in this site. I know how important it is to have this information available for those who need it. I (We) appreciate being able to participate. Thank you again :)" - Michelle Bissonnette, Marketing Director, Aqua Creek Products

"What an innovative breakthrough. This tool will be an excellent source to enhance accessibility knowledge. I could only compare the excitement of CORADA to Apple introducing a new product. Thanks for this resource". - Bill East, Lift-U

"This is AWESOME!" - E.M.

"LOVE the discussion, back-up and analysis....[regarding Corada Voices]" - Diana Ibarra, President/Architect, Orlando, FL

"Corada brought me immediately to what I was searching for.” - Karen Li, San Diego, CA

• "Awesome!!! Wished I had this 5 Years ago." - David Strickland, ADA Coordinator, Glynn County, GA

"Glad to see all those thoughtful interpretations available to more than ETA staff." - Kitty Wooldridge, Wooldridge Services, Hurricane, UT

"...this is the first time I have used Corada...and Whaaala - I get my answer!!!  Pretty awesome!" - T.A.

"I checked out the Corada Website. Very Impressive! The amount of information is enormous. As I clicked on most of the options, I was convinced that I (as a business owner, facility manager, etc.) would need help in getting my facility compliant with all the rules and regulations of the ADA. Having a group, Corada Voices, to share information is a great idea. I looked at the Corada pricing and it seemed very affordable. I can't imagine any business that deals with the public not taking advantage of the expertise of Evan Terry Associates and Corada. Press On! As a person with a disability, I have a greater appreciation of all the things that can be done to make life easier and more accessible for me and others with disabilities. It is nice to see a professional organization leading the way to implement the ADA." -  John Maravich, Newtown Square, PA