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Why Design for Accessibility?

Evan Terry Associates

Why Design for Accessibility?

I) It serves everyone who uses the facilities.

A) Not just people with disabilities, but

  1. People carrying packages,

  2. People delivering heavy items,

  3. People pushing strollers,

  4. People who aren't grown up yet,

  5. People with temporary disabilities.

B) It serves everyone throughout their life span

  1. Accessible design is more usable by children.

  2. Accessible design is more usable by adults.

  3. As we age, our chances of developing significant disabilities dramatically increase: then it is definitely more usable.

  4. Being disabled is the one minority group that most people want to join.(Surveys show that most of us prefer it to the alternative.)

C) A LOT of people already have disabilities.

II) It's good for business.

A) The buying public supports accessibility.

B) Business owners support accessibility.

C) People with disabilities will bring their business to your clients.

D) Family members and friends will bring their business, too.

E) If you depend on donations, it makes perfect sense.

III) It's the LAW

A) Accessible design will keep you out of court. (Surely you have better things to do with your time.)

  1. The US Department of Justice enforces the ADA through negotiated public settlements and high-profile lawsuits based on complaints.

  2. Whenever they think it is in the public interest.

B) People with disabilities enforce the ADA.

  1. Through direct negotiations.

  2. Through civil lawsuits.

IV) It's good for your practice.

A) Accessible design will keep you off the streets. (Nobody wants to pay for ripping it out and starting over. And none of us can afford to pay for the really BIG mistakes.)

B) Accessible design will keep you out of the evening news. (Civil rights violations never make good publicity).

Maybe everything should be Universally Accessible.

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