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Guide to the ADA Standards

Rehabilitation and Outpatient Physical Therapy Facilities [§208.2.2]

At least 20% of patient and visitor parking spaces must be accessible at outpatient physical therapy facilities (including those not located at hospitals) and at rehabilitation facilities that specialize in treating conditions that affect mobility. Conditions affecting mobility include:

  • those involving the use of mobility aids and devices (braces, canes, crutches, prosthetic devices, wheelchairs, or powered mobility aids);

  • arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic conditions that severely limit one's ability to walk;

  • respiratory diseases and other conditions which may require the use of portable oxygen; or

  • cardiac and other conditions that impose substantial limitations on one’s mobility.

Rehabilitation facilities that provide, but that do not specialize in, services or treatment for persons with mobility impairments, such as general rehabilitative therapy centers, are not subject to the 20% requirement. In mixed-use facilities, the 20% may be applied only to the portion of spaces that are determined to serve the types of rehabilitation or outpatient therapy facilities covered by this provision.


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