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General Elements

Most scoping provisions apply to both interior and exterior elements where provided throughout facilities and sites (and are not limited to those in corridors as shown here).

Figure of corridor with a door, elevator, light sconce (protruding object), outlet and fire extinguisher cabinet (operable parts). Figure notes: Accessible Routes (§206) and Doors (§206.5) An accessible route must connect all accessible spaces and elements in a facility, and doors on accessible routes must comply Protruding Objects (§204) Objects on all circulation paths (not just accessible routes) must be installed so that they do not pose hazards to people with vision impairments. Operable Parts (§205) Controls, outlets, receptacles, and other operable parts are covered (excluding those used only by maintenance personnel or serving a dedicated use).. Elevators (§206.6) Vertical access between stories is required in most multi-story facilities. Stairways (§210) All stairs that are part of a required means of egress must comply. Windows (§229) If windows are provided in accessible spaces for operation by occupants, at least 1 must comply. Each window that is required to be operable by a local code or authority also must comply. These requirements do not apply to residential facilities.


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