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ABA Accessibility Standard for GSA Facilities Pocket Guide

1013 Tent Pads and Tent Platforms

1013.1 General.

Tent pads and tent platforms shall comply with 1013.

EXCEPTION: When an entity determines that a condition in 1019 does not permit full compliance with a specific provision in 1013, the tent pad and tent platform shall comply with the provision to the extent practicable.

Advisory 1013.1 General. Tent pads and tent platforms are defined spaces with prepared surfaces for setting up and securing tents.

1013.2 Clear Ground Space.

Clear ground space complying with 1013.2 shall be provided on all usable sides of tent pads and tent platforms.

1013.2.1 Size.

The clear ground space shall be 48 inches (1220 mm) wide minimum.

1013.2.2 Surface.

The surface of the clear ground space shall be firm and stable.  The surface shall allow use of tent stakes and other tent securement devices.

1013.3 Slope.

The slope of the surface of tent pads, tent platforms, and clear ground spaces shall not be steeper than 1:48 in any direction.

EXCEPTION: Where the surface is other than asphalt, concrete, or boards, slopes not steeper than 1:20 shall be permitted where necessary for drainage.

1013.4 Height.

Tent platforms shall be 19 inches (485 mm) high maximum measured from the clear ground space to the tent platform surface.


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