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Note: This document or portion of document references a state or local code that aligns with the 2010 ADA Standards requirements.

11B-231.4 Visiting areas.

Visiting areas shall comply with Section 11B-231.4.

11B-231.4.1 Cubicles and counters.

At least 5 percent, but no fewer than one, of cubicles shall comply with Section 11B-902 on both the visitor and detainee sides. Where counters are provided, at least one shall comply with Section 11B-904.4.2 on both the visitor and detainee sides.

Exception: The detainee side of cubicles or counters at non-contact visiting areas not serving holding cells required to comply with Section 11B-231 shall not be required to comply with Sections 11B-902 or 11B-904.4.2.

11B-231.4.2 Partitions.

Where solid partitions or security glazing separate visitors from detainees at least one of each type of cubicle or counter partition shall comply with Section 11B-904.6.


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