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Note: This document or portion of document references a state or local code that is stricter than the 2010 ADA Standards requires.

11B-904.3 Check-out aisles.

Check-out aisles shall comply with Section 11B-904.3.

11B-904.3.1 Aisle.

Aisles shall comply with Section 11B-403.

11B-904.3.2 Counter.

The counter surface height shall be 38 inches (965 mm) maximum above the finish floor or ground. The top of the counter edge protection shall be 2 inches (51 mm) maximum above the top of the counter surface on the aisle side of the check-out counter.

A counter surface is shown in elevation with a maximum height of 38 inches  above the floor or ground and with edge protection above the surface that is 2 inches high maximum.

FIGURE 11B-904.3.2


11B-904.3.3 Check writing surfaces.

Where provided, check writing surfaces shall comply with Section 11B-902.3.

11B-904.3.4 Identification sign.

When not all check-out aisles are accessible, accessible check-out aisles shall be identified by a sign clearly visible to a person in a wheelchair displaying the International Symbol of Accessibility complying with Section 11B-703.7.2.1. The sign shall be a minimum of 4 inches by 4 inches (102 mm by 102 mm).


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