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Note: This document or portion of document references a state or local code that aligns with the 2010 ADA Standards requirements.

11B-802.1 Wheelchair spaces.

Wheelchair spaces shall comply with Section 11B-802.1.

11B-802.1.1 Floor or ground surface.

The floor or ground surface of wheelchair spaces shall comply with Section 11B-302. Changes in level are not permitted.

Exception: Slopes not steeper than 1:48 shall be permitted.

11B-802.1.2 Width.

A single wheelchair space shall be 36 inches (914 mm) wide minimum.  Where two adjacent wheelchair spaces are provided, each wheelchair space shall be 33 inches (838 mm) wide minimum.

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Advisory 11B-802.1.2 Width.  Figure 11B-802.1.2 (b) depicts paired wheelchair spaces requiring a total of 66 inches in width.  It should be noted that although side access to the wheelchair space is allowed, fixed companion seating also must be provided adjacent to each wheelchair space.◼
Figure (a) is a plan view of a single wheelchair space 36 inches wide minimum. Figure (b) is a plan view of two wheelchair spaces side by side. Each space is 33 inches wide minimum.

FIGURE 11B-802.1.2


11B-802.1.3 Depth.

Where a wheelchair space can be entered from the front or rear, the wheelchair space shall be 48 inches (1219 mm) deep minimum. Where a wheelchair space can be entered only from the side, the wheelchair space shall be 60 inches (1524 mm) deep minimum.

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Advisory 11B-802.1.3 Depth.  Figure 11B-802.1.3 (b) depicts a single wheelchair space with side entry. A single wheelchair location space with side entry must functionally be usable as if it were within an alcove, requiring the user to maneuver back and forth to get into position, and thus 60 inches in length allows the added room to do that. A rear or front entry wheelchair space, as depicted in Figure 11B-802.1.3 (a) can have a shorter length (48 inches) of maneuvering area. Consideration should be given to the alignment of the wheelchair space and the adjacent companion seat which may require the rear tires of the wheelchair to project behind the back of the companion seat to achieve shoulder-to-shoulder alignment. See Section 11B-802.3.1. ◼
Figure (a) shows a wheelchair space that can be entered from the front or rear that is 48 inches deep minimum.  Figure (b) shows a wheelchair space entered from the side that is 60 inches deep minimum.

FIGURE 11B-802.1.3


11B-802.1.4 Approach.

Wheelchair spaces shall adjoin accessible routes. Accessible routes shall not overlap wheelchair spaces.

[2010 ADAS] Advisory 802.1.4 Approach.  Because accessible routes serving wheelchair spaces are not permitted to overlap the clear floor space at wheelchair spaces, access to any wheelchair space cannot be through another wheelchair space.

11B-802.1.5 Overlap.

Wheelchair spaces shall not overlap circulation paths.

[2010 ADAS] Advisory 802.1.5 Overlap.  The term "circulation paths" used in 802.1.5 means aisle width required by applicable building or life safety codes for the specific assembly occupancy. Where the circulation path provided is wider than the required aisle width, the wheelchair space may intrude into that portion of the circulation path that is provided in excess of the required aisle width.


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