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Note: This document or portion of document references a state or local code that is stricter than the 2010 ADA Standards requires.

11B-213.3.4 Lavatories.

Where lavatories are provided, at least ten percent but no fewer than one shall comply with Section 11B-606 and shall not be located in a toilet compartment. 

ETA Editor's Note

With the revisions to scoping requirements in Subsections 11B-213.3.1 through 11B-213.3.4 implemented by the 2013 CBC Supplement dated July 1, 2015, DSA-AC has increased the number of accessible toilet compartments, ambulatory accessible toilet compartments, accessible urinals and accessible lavatories required at very large multi-user toilet rooms.  There is no indication whether existing facilities having toilet rooms that do not comply with the increased scoping will be compelled by the path of travel obligation to upgrade these toilet rooms if alterations are performed to an area served by them.  As currently written, it appears that upgrading, or some form of supplementation agreeable to the AHJ, will be required.

ETA Editor's Note

The 2013 CBC scoping for accessible lavatories was originally greater than 2010 ADAS, but when the July 1, 2015 Supplement to the 2013 CBC was issued, this scoping was doubled from five percent to ten percent, only affecting large multi-user toilet rooms.

[2013 CBC, prior to the Supplement dated July 1, 2015]

11B-213.3.4  Lavatories.  Where lavatories are provided, at least five percent but no fewer than one shall comply with Section 11B-606 _|Lavatories and Sinks|_ and shall not be located in a toilet compartment.


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