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Note: Portions of this document or referenced document qualify for 2013 CBC Section 11B-202.4, Exception 2, and all or part of this information may only apply to California “Safe Harbored” elements addressed in that Exception.

11B-213.3.1 Toilet compartments.

[2010 ADAS] Advisory 213.3.1 Toilet Compartments. A toilet compartment is a partitioned space that is located within a toilet room, and that normally contains no more than one water closet. A toilet compartment may also contain a lavatory. A lavatory is a sink provided for hand washing. Full-height partitions and door assemblies can comprise toilet compartments where the minimum required spaces are provided within the compartment.

ETA Editor's Note

The 2013 CBC scoping for toilet compartments was originally the same as 2010 ADAS.  When the July 1, 2015 Supplement to the 2013 CBC was issued, this scoping was increased, thereby exceeding the 2010 ADAS scoping at large multi-user toilet rooms.

[2013 CBC, prior to the Supplement dated July 1, 2015]

11B-213.3.1 Toilet compartments. Where toilet compartments are provided, at least one toilet compartment shall comply with Section 11B-604.8.1 _|Wheelchair Accessible Compartments|_. In addition to the compartment required to comply with Section 11B-604.8.1, at least one compartment shall comply with Section 11B-604.8.2 _|Ambulatory Accessible Compartments|_ where six or more toilet compartments are provided, or where the combination of urinals and water closets totals six or more fixtures.


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