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1991 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Note: This document, portion of document or referenced document was published prior to the 2010 ADA Standards, and all or part of this information may only apply to Safe Harbored elements.

4.6.6 Passenger Loading Zones.

Passenger loading zones shall provide an access aisle at least 60 in (1525 mm) wide and 20 ft (240 in)(6100 mm) long adjacent and parallel to the vehicle pull-up space (see Fig. 10). If there are curbs between the access aisle and the vehicle pull-up space, then a curb ramp complying with 4.7 shall be provided. Vehicle standing spaces and access aisles shall be level with surface slopes not exceeding 1:50 (2%) in all directions.

An access aisle is required at a passenger loading zone which is 240 inches (6100 mm) minimum, measured parallel to the vehicle pull-up area, and 60 inches (1525 mm) minimum, measured perpendicular to the vehicle area. This aisle must be clear of obstructions and at the same level as the vehicle area.

Fig. 10 Access Aisle at Passenger Loading Zones


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