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Structure Sensor 3D Depth Scanning Software for 3D Imaging and Printing

Product Description

Product Description

Your mobile device can already see the world.

Now, it can understand the world.

Measure entire rooms all at once.

The magic of 3D depth sensing begins with the ability to capture fast, accurate, dimensions of objects and environments.

And Structure Sensor doesn’t just capture one dimension; it captures everything in view, all at once.

Capture dense 3D models with the push of a button.

Structure allows you to capture dense geometry in real-time. This enables you to simulate real world physics and create high-fidelity 3D models in seconds. The possibilities are incredible.

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Product Compliance

Not applicable; There are no technical requirements in the 2010 ADA Standards for this product

Disability Types

  • Vision

Product Application

  • Non-Architectural Product

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