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Origin Instruments Corporation AirVoter Sanitary Sip-Puff Switch for Voting

Product Description

Product Description

AirVoter™ is the leading sip-puff voting system for individuals with motor disabilities and limited dexterity. The padded, head-referenced design affords dignity, comfort, and convenience. AirVoter's disposable mouthpiece includes an in-line aseptic filter to enable hygienic, worry-free voting by a succession of voters. AirVoter is packaged in a compact instrument case for storage and transport. In short, AirVoter is a simple and cost-effective access solution in support of HAVA compliance.

  • Compatible with accessible voting machines
  • Comfortable and adjustable headset
  • Two (2) sealed mouthpiece assemblies, each with gloves and instruction sheet
  • 6-foot air tube with quick-connects
  • Compact Sip-Puff switchbox with integrated "sip" and "puff" push-buttons for testing purposes
  • Single cable connection to voting machine
  • No AC plug and no batteries
  • Optional Swifty™ USB Switch Interface
  • Packaged in a portable case with foam cushioning
  • Each disposable AirVoter mouthpiece is enclosed in a sealed package that includes a pair of latex-free gloves and an instruction sheet. The mouthpiece filter eliminates sanitary concerns on behalf of both the voter and the precinct worker while retaining sip-puff convenience, accuracy, and reliability.

Product Details

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Manufacturer's Compliance Claim


Product Compliance

ADA compliant if installed correctly

Disability Types

  • Dexterity
  • Other Mobility
  • Wheelchair/Scooter

Product Application

  • ADA Covered Facilities
  • Non-Architectural Product