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Lake Ledge Naturalist Discovery Pen

Product Description

Product Description

Affordable Audio Technology for Description and Interpretation.

Just Touch and Listen 

Easily add language, audio description and narrative to existing and new exhibits, trails, gardens and galleries.  The Discovery Pen provides multiple  audio description and interpretative tour options in the hands of your visitors without the expense and hassle of transmitters, wires and complicated software.

How It Works

Adding sound just got easy. Sound recordings stored in the pen are triggered when the pen sensor touches specially printed materials that have been sound enabled, such as paper, medallions, panels brochures, posters or books.

How Much It Costs

Each project is unique. Please inquire at Lake Ledge. We will recommend options and materials that will fit your project, your audience and your budget.

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Manufacturer's Compliance Claim


Product Compliance

ADA compliant if installed correctly

Disability Types

  • Vision

Product Application

  • ADA Covered Facilities
  • Non-Architectural Product