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Lake Ledge Naturalist Audio Description

Product Description

Product Description

Audio Describers Are Not Created Equal |Expect More, Your Visitors Do.

Lake Ledge provides a unique approach and rich background that is second to none.

Describer, Julie Hein-Frank brings a fresh, multi-disciplinary method to each Audio Description Project and Training Session.

Lake Ledge Approach

  • Biology - As a biologist - Julie provides content knowledge, the skill of observation and the know-how of research to ensure an accurate account of detail and a willingness to search for information beyond the visual - to get the description right.

  • Interpretation - As a field interpreter - Julie shares her skill of storytelling and provocation to nurture an awareness of place.

  • Teaching - As a teacher - Julie offers the ability to explain detailed, difficult concepts using common yet effective language.

  • Writing - As a writer - Julie creates rich, concise content for a specific audience or the broadest audience.

  • Advocacy - As an advocate for Universal Design - Julie listens to the needs of an audience to develop appropriate, accessible and  site specific experiences.

  • Innovation - As a seeker of innovative technology and best practice - Julie works with each site to determine the most appropriate method of delivery for the project, the budget and most importantly, the audience.


  • Script Development

  • Voice Talent

  • Audio Production

  • Staff Training

  • Technology

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