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Equalizer 6000 Series Exercise Machine

Product Description

Product Description

Single Weight Stack Unit

  • Lifetime Warranty on frame

  • Compact

  • 150# Combo weight stack or 200# weight stack

  • 42" wide X 42" long

  • Can be dismantled to fit through most doors

  • Versatile

  • Rugged Construction

  • 2" 11 guage or larger

  • Powder Coated for a lasting finish

  • Smooth & Silent

Ideal For Institution, Clinic And Home Use!

New and redesigned!

  • Smaller space requirement

  • All exercises performed from front of machine

  • Able bodied or disabled have equal access

  • Each arm works independently

  • Each arm has adjustable height & width

  • Removable rolling stool

  • Each press arm fully adjustable

  • Fully adjustable back rest for either deep or shallow bench press

  • Chest pad stabilizes upper torso

  • Prevents you from coming out of your chair when rowing

  • Wide grip

  • Narrow grip

  • Reverse grip

  • "S" hooks

  • Padded wrist cuffs for hand impaired

  • Bicep curls

  • Reverse curls

  • "S" hooks attach on end of cable

  • Hip kicks

Product Details

CSI Division: 11 66 13
CSI Division Title: Exercise Equipment
Product Cut Sheet/Specs/Demo: http://www.equalizerexercise.com/equipspecs.html

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