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Cybex Total Access Recumbent Bike

Product Description

ETA Compliance Review

Product Description

INCLUSIVE FITNESS FOR ALL. Total Access is a line of commercial fitness equipment designed to be accessible to the physically impaired but which does not exclude other exercisers. This allows fitness enthusiasts who have physical or sensory limitations to take advantage of fitness training on the same gym floor and using the same equipment as those who do not.

  • Ability over disability.

  • Accommodates people of all abilities on the same gym floor.

  • Meet the needs of exercise enthusiasts who have cognitive, sensory or physical impairments.

Raised Console Iconography and Colour allows easyidentification of the main controls both by colour, large buttons and text for older users, plus raised iconography for visually impaired users.

Central Height Adjustment for Saddle allows users to adjust saddle height with either hand.

Easy Access Side Handles below seat height for ease of transfer.

Unicam Pedals with Heel Straps prevents users’ feet from slipping off pedals.

Raised Iconography on Seat Adjustments. Seat carriage positions have large text and raised iconography numbers for easy and quick seat positioning.

Color Contrasted Handlebar Grips offer ease of identification and support when mounting and dismounting.

Easy Start Up of 20 Watts provides appropriate resistance for any user.

Product Details

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CSI Division Title: Exercise Equipment
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Manufacturer's Compliance Claim

Equipment designed to be accessible to the physically impaired but which does not exclude other exercisers.

ETA Compliance Review

While there are currently no technical requirements for exercise machines and equipment, section 1004.1 of the 2010 ADA Standards requires that these machines have a clear floor space so that a transfer can be made from a wheelchair to the equipment.

Product Compliance

Not applicable; There are no technical requirements in the 2010 ADA Standards for this product

Disability Types

  • Dexterity
  • Little People
  • Other Mobility
  • Vision
  • Wheelchair/Scooter

Product Application

  • ADA Covered Facilities
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Non-Architectural Product
  • Single-Family Residential
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Cybex Total Access Recumbent Bike Plan

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Cybex total access   fitness for all

Cybex Total Access - Fitness for All (03:33)

A demonstration video featuring Cybex exercise equipment at the Piper Sports and Fitness Center for Persons with Disabilities in Arizona.  The strength equipment and cardio line are accessible, adjustable, and easy to use to accommodate people with learning disabilities as well as physical...