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AssistiveWare News-2-You

Product Description

Product Description

Connecting students to the world

Weekly symbol-supported newspaper for beginning readers and special needs students.

Features you’ll love

Connect to the world

  • Read weekly symbol-supported news

  • Stay up-to-date on people, places and sports

  • Read downloaded editions without an active internet connection

Optimize for each learner

  • Develop literacy skills with 4 reading levels

  • Watch text highlight as it is spoken

  • Adjust reading speed

Use with multiple students

  • Create multiple users on one device

  • Configure reading level, voice and other settings per student

  • Track reading progress per student

Benefit from Text to Speech

  • Download free natural-sounding voices

  • Choose from over 45 adult and children’s voices

  • Pick between American, Australian, British and Indian English

Learn by playing

  • Complete sudoku and crossword puzzles

  • Review comprehension through enjoyable exercises

  • Have fun with joke and recipe pages

Single editions or subscribe

  • Download and try the app for free

  • Use your existing News-2-You subscription for free access

  • Purchase single editions or an annual subscription

Is the News-2-You app for you and your students?

Each News-2-You edition provides stimulating information on reader-friendly topics and is designed for teaching and expanding literacy skills from basic awareness of symbols and print to reading fluently with comprehension.

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Not designed for ADA compliance but may improve access

Disability Types

  • Cognitive

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  • Non-Architectural Product