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Alertus Voice Public Address System Interface

Product Description

Product Description

Government buildings and schools are often equipped with voice public address systems; however, their facilities are scattered across a wide geographic area without any unified control capability. Alertus Technologies’ emergency mass notification system enables centralized command and control of these individual voice systems; PA systems in all or specific areas or facilities can be immediately activated with ease from anywhere.

Similarly, many campuses, bases, and other large facilities have limited public address capabilities in only a handful of buildings. Where available, these systems represent a valuable asset in a comprehensive mass notification approach. The Alertus text-to-speech (TTS) module makes it easy to link these voice systems with Alertus Beacons® mounted in buildings without voice infrastructure. The Alertus TTS module enables emergency communications to be connected with multimodal mass notification components such as personal messaging.

Key Features

  • Customizable: Highly intelligible custom alert messages over unrehearsed live voice

  • Notification Coverage: Unified facility activation, yet fully zoneable. Remote activation without physically being at a specific location or on-site

  • Integrated: Streamlined multimodal mass notification by connecting third-party personal messaging systems and wide area notification with in-building emergency communications systems

Product Details

CSI Division: #<CsiDivision:0x000000000e723c70>
CSI Division Title: Emergency Communications Systems
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Manufacturer's Compliance Claim


Product Compliance

Not designed for ADA compliance but may improve access

Disability Types

  • Hearing/Speech
  • Vision

Product Application

  • ADA Covered Facilities
  • Non-Architectural Product

Alertus System Overview: Text To Speech (49:25)

Learn more about unified facility notification and how our products work together to provide complete, immediate notification coverage in an emergency. You’ll also receive an overview of our innovative text-to-speech technology.