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Activar Hiawatha 535/509/536/537 Solid 1 inch Diameter Pulls

Product Description

Product Description

For years of durable service, select from our line of solid 1" pulls in a wide selection of finishes.

Material: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel

CTC: 8", 9", 10", 12"

Overall: 9", 10", 11", 13"

Projection: 3"

Clearance: 2". Optional 2-1/2" clearance upon request.

ANSI: J401

US32D Stainless steel
US32 Polished stainless
US32DMS Antimicrobial satin stainless
US3 Polished brass, clear coat
US4 Satin brass, clear coat
U26 Polished chrome
US26D Satin chrome
US28 Clear anodized aluminum
US10 Satin bronze clear coat
US10B Oil-rubbed satin bronze

Choices from Hiawatha are even greater today with our expanded pull selection, multiple shipping locations and increased production capacity.  Since 1954, Hiawatha has been providing consistent customer service with the high-quality materials and finishes that you have come to expect.  Hiawatha’s collection of pulls are available in a wide assortment of finishes. Many of those pulls can be engraved, ordered with special finishes or fabricated in custom sizes.  For a solid look with 25% of the weight and resource use, tubular pulls give you a good value.  Pulls are fabricated from 1-1/4" tubular stock with solid brass or stainless inserts that provide a solid mounting area. For a unique look, design your own custom shape.

• Plate & Pull Combinations

• Standard Pulls

• Push & Pull Bar Sets

• Custom & Unique Pulls

• Full Height Pulls

• Door Protection Plates & Edges

• Auto & Manual Flush Bolts

• Door Stops, Bumpers & Holders

• Flush & Hospital Pulls

• Corner Guards

• Decorative Pulls

Product Details

CSI Division: 08 71 00
CSI Division Title: Door Hardware
Manufacturer's Brochure: http://www.activarcpg.com/sites/default/files/catalog/Hiawatha/Hiawatha%20Brochure%204-2012%20Reduced%20Size.pdf
Product Cut Sheet/Specs/Demo: https://www.activarcpg.com/sites/default/files/products/TechnicalInformation/Hia%20Mounting%20Options.pdf

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