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Acoustiguide Opus+ Multimedia Guiding System

Product Description

Product Description

The new multimedia guiding system for unforgettable visitor experiences

It’s the latest addition to Acoustiguide’s groundbreaking family of Opus multimedia guides. Opus+ features a newly enhanced, visitor-friendly interface and delivers content of any length. With its rugged, ergonomic design, Opus+ is ideal for museums, visitor centers and other public venues where reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use are what you need.

Opus+ can hold more than 500 hours of multilingual audio, multimedia content, and images. With its customizable keypad, enhanced stereo sound, and ability to play video and animation, Opus+ can transform even the simplest visitor tour into a memorable adventure.

Charging the Opus+ player is easy with Acoustiguide’s Wireless Charging Cabinet, which can also charge many other multimedia devices. Just place the player into one of the cabinet’s nests. There are no fragile connectors to align. Which means you’ll save on maintenance, while extending the life span of your players.

Creating, delivering and updating content is simple, thanks to the back-end Content Management System. User-friendly features include the ability to activate location-based content. You can even synchronize the audio on the Opus+ with your exhibit’s in-gallery videos for a totally immersive experience. The kind that Opus+ makes possible.

General Features

Physical Design

  • Rugged design is comfortably lightweight

  • High quality 2.2" color landscape display, with automatic backlight

  • Activates remotely via proprietary, proximity RF technology

  • Scrolling menu

  • Self-lighting keypad with multi-feature keys

    • Numeric and programmable keys

    • Dedicated help key

    • Customizable for your site

  • Full day of use between charges


  • Superior stereo sound

  • 10 stepped volume levels


  • Full color

  • QVGA


  • Expandable 2GB memory (up to 32GB)


  • Compatible with audio jack induction loops

  • Supports video programming for sign language tours

  • Includes raised marker on key #5

  • Tested for compliance with disability regulations

Remote Activation

  • Activate remote content via proprietary RF technology

  • Synchronizes to external multimedia and show control systems

Content Management Features

  • Supports audio, video, images, and animation

  • Offers multiple ways to access content

  • Visitor-friendly menu selection & navigation functions

  • Site-customizable screens

Opus Proprietary Content Manager (OCM)

  • Software runs on your Windows-based PC

  • Create and modify content packages for all types of Opus players

  • User-friendly interface

  • Drag & drop media files

  • Control-specific delivery options

  • Verify package integrity

  • Create synchronized presentations between device and exhibits

Audience Evaluation Tools

Data collection & visitor surveys

  • Software tracks user click stream

  • Customized surveys can be incorporated into the guide's audio/visual content

  • Produces easy-to-read reports

Wireless Charging Cabinet Features

  • Compatible with Opus+ and iPod Touch Gen 5

  • Supports 25 assorted devices at once

  • Interchangeable nests for other devices

  • Stackable

  • Visual indication of charging in progress

  • Easily detachable locking door

  • Dimensions: 
    620 x 445 x 285 mm (W x H x D) / 24.4 x 17.5 x 11.2 in


  • Complies to ISO9000, CE, FCC part 15 and RoHS

Player Dimensions

  • Length: 198 mm / 7.7 in

  • Width: 60 mm  / 2.3 in

  • Thickness: 20 mm (middle section) / 0.7 in

  • Weight: 160 grams / 5.2 oz. (including battery and strap

Content Management System

The Opus Content Manager, OCM™, is Acoustiguide's proprietary software package, designed and developed by our experienced software engineering team to offer clients full independence over the process of creating and updating an audio and multimedia tours for Opus devices.

The OCM™ is part of Acoustiguide's Opus audio & multimedia system launched in 2008. The system includes the Opus+™ and the Opus Click™ keypad-driven device, and the Opus Touch™ touchscreen device.

The OCM™ enables clients around the world to define, create, build and load Opus devices with the desired multimedia tour. From the most basic audio tour to the most sophisticated multimedia one, clients can include an unlimited number of items of any type, in an unlimited number of languages, all in a quick and intuitive manner.

The software runs on Windows-based PCs, and offers a friendly, easy to use interface.

Just a few, simple steps to a new tour: 
Create the tour structure of your choice:

  • Select Opus+™, Opus Click™ or Opus Touch™

  • Name your tour: Family tour; Children’s tour; Special exhibition etc.

  • Select languages (unlimited number)

Setup the behavioral attributes of your choice:

  • Menu choices: Scrolling type; color scheme; Power save settings; Key sound; Auto triggering; Special keys (such as information layering); Previous/Next etc.

  • Content choices: Auto play; Auto stop; Embedded titles; Splash screen per language etc.

  • Tour choices: Number of items, Types of items in the tour

  • Item choices: Video; Slide show; Audio; Survey;

Attach the corresponding media files:

  • Import media: drag & drop the files

  • Preview, Verification & Uploading

  • Software verifies choices and alerts the user to any missing media files

  • Software automatically uploads the content package from the PC to Opus devices

OCM™ Features:

  • Runs on any Windows-based PC

  • Full capability to create & update Content packages for Opus devices

  • A friendly, easy-to-use, on-screen interface

  • Enables creation of an unlimited number of tours in an unlimited number of languages

  • Drag & drop of media files

  • Preview and verification of content package prior to upload

  • Automatic upload of the created content onto the Opus devices


How long are your visitors spending at your site?

How long do your visitors listen to the audio tour for?

Which are the most/less listened to exhibits?

Are your site visitors listening to the deeper levels of the commentary?

Acoustiguide interpretive guides offer innovative software to allow clients to collect visitors usage statistics on how audio guide users are moving around the site and what information they are accessing. This collection of data is passive i.e. visitors are not required to interact with a survey.

This software gives an accurate, on-going and immediate feedback on how visitors are using the tour; it researches their visit duration, their language selection, investigates how long they listen at each particular point, and studies the popularity of different audio segments and more. The information on the visitor / audio tour interaction can be used by visitor service teams, for example to improve the audio tour service or services for foreign language speakers.

This data collection software can also be used in conjunction with interactive electronic questionnaires, another feature of our audio & multimedia guides, which can be used for a more direct analysis of the demographic profile of visitors and their feedback.

  • Automatic process with no human intervention

  • A valuable yet simple information and marketing tool

  • Reliable source of visitor feedback information

  • Enables better planning of existing and future exhibitions

  • Collected data is precise and accurate with no need for human data entry

  • Data can be exported to other computer packages for extended analysis

  • Results are immediately available

  • An easy to implement solution

Visitor Surveys

Where are your visitors coming from? 

How did they hear about the site?

How long are they staying around?

How are they appreciating the site and service?

Many of our clients are asking for our help gathering information about their visitors. You might want to use one of our guides' unique features – the ability to display questionnaires and collect visitors' responses automatically.

Visitor Surveys software can help organizations to gather valuable information about their visitors through the inclusion of a survey within an audio tour presented on the players. Acoustiguide can advise the organization on customizing the survey to their individual needs.

Electronic visitor surveys offer:

  • Cost effective market research

  • A quick and easy way to extract information from visitors

  • Full customization for individual needs

  • Demographic information on visitors

  • Feedback on the services the organization offers

  • A saving of staff time and resources

  • Reliable information, avoiding potential human error in data entry

  • Different surveys for different languages or other tours

  • Questions and answers in text and/or audio

  • A solution that is easy to implement

  • and more...

Clients can either collect and analyze the data themselves or alternatively, Acoustiguide can execute and provide the raw data in different formats (XLS, PPT, PDF...)

Applications and Features

As a leader in technology innovation for the multimedia and interpretation space, Acoustiguide ensures that special applications and new features it develops dovetail with the advances it makes in creative content and handheld audio & multimedia delivery systems.

Our Opus series’ capabilities utilize advanced technologies to offer a host of new features that facilitate the creation of full, dynamic tours which, in turn, enrich visitors’ experience. These new features include customized user-interfaces, interactive games, specialized content, dedicated keys and much more.

Maps Orientation and Direction

Visitors can use the Opus device to explore a metropolitan area, or an outdoor environment such as a botanical garden, just as easily as they would use it indoors. This opens up possibilities for tours in locations that are difficult to guide visitors through, and where placing labels and signs is not possible. 

Remote Activation

An advanced Auto-triggering feature offers the ability to automatically activate content relating to its location without pressing any keys or touching the screen. This could be an audio ‘Welcome’ message at the entrance to a site, information about a specific item or a prompt alerting visitors they are entering a different section of an exhibition.

Mobile Remote Activation

For sites where visitors are not allowed to wander on their own, the Mobile Remote activator allows group tour guides to trigger messages on their group members’ Opus devices while walking along a tour path. The triggered messages are always in the language pre-selected by each visitor. This allows one group tour guide to escort a large group of visitors who can enjoy the tour in their own language.

Interactive Games and Puzzles

Both educational and fun, these applications are a great way to engage your visitors, especially the younger ones.

Some examples include:

  • Memory games

  • Matching games

  • Changing an image by altering various details on the screen, such as size, color, background etc.

These and many other features we have created throughout the years were inspired by our client’s imaginative ideas. We have the experience and know-how necessary to help you create the visitor experience you envision. We would love to hear your ideas!

Product Details

Manufacturer's Brochure: http://www.acoustiguide.com/Data/Uploads/Opus_Plus052015.pdf

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