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Acoustiguide Opus Click™ Multimedia Museum Guide

Product Description

Product Description

Opus is a revolutionary series of compact and robust screen-based players, developed and designed specifically for on site interpretation of museums and visitor venues.

This ground-breaking series of guides ushers in a new world of interpretive possibilities for institutions that value sophisticated design and require rugged, easy to use players. With Opus, institutions can provide visitors access to various digital resources - video, images and animation on top of the traditional audio - in a platform catering exactly to the needs of their visitors.

The high-performance computing capabilities of Opus will amaze visitors accustomed to sophisticated graphic images and digital movies: its processing speed and memory capacity enable delivery of high resolution video files and the CD-quality sound that users of consumer technology demand.

The content manager is intuitive and flexible, allowing for simple additions and deletions of content, as well as more complex functions, like integration of timed audio with video and images.

General Features

Opus Click™ is a keypad-driven guide

  • High quality color landscape 55 mm/2.2" screen; automatic backlight

  • Self-lighting mobile phone style keypad

  • Numeric and programmable function keys

  • Scrolling function

  • Dedicated help key and site-specific customizable key

Developed and designed for Museums

Key features include:

  • Sleek design, rugged case, lightweight

  • Full color TFT LCD screen

  • Large, expandable memory

  • Compatible with a complete range of audio, video, image and animation multimedia formats

  • Dual listening mode, via internal speaker and/or through headset/earpiece

  • Full day usage between charges

  • Remote activation via IR & RF

  • Opus Content Manager - easy set up and install, can be used by client

  • Modular charging racks

Dual-use Design: Dual-listening mode

  • Featuring a unique fold-out speaker, each player can be used either as a true wand or as a headset unit.

Opus Content Manager (OCM)

  • A proprietary software package

  • Software runs on Windows-based PC

  • Allows the creation and modification of content packages for Opus players

  • Friendly, easy to use interface

  • Enables setting of different behavioral attributes

  • Allows drag & drop of media files

  • Verifies package integrity

Superb Sound Quality

  • CD quality stereo sound

  • Range of 10 stepped volume levels

  • Over 500 hours of multi-lingual audio content

Highest Image Quality

  • Superb visual quality

  • QVGA resolution (320 x 240 pixels), full color

  • Over 28 hours of video, or 10,000 images


  • 2GB memory; expandable

  • Holds multiple languages and tours

  • Guides can contain any combination of audio, images, animation or video clips

Content Delivery

  • Software supports audio, video, images and animation

  • Multiple ways to access content

  • Graphically-rich user interface with menu selection & navigation functions

  • Site-customizable screens

  • Opus Content Manager for easy on-site content handling

Access for All

  • Audio jack induction loop compatibility

  • Supports video programming for sign language tours

  • Raised marker on key no. 5 (Opus Click™)

  • Tested for suitability with disability regulations

Remote Triggering and Synchronization

  • Remote content activation via IR and RF technologies

  • Synchronization to external multimedia or show control systems

  • Fully compatible with Espro Acoustiguide's Positioning and Orientation technology: map-driven or object-driven modes

Data Collection & Visitor Surveys

  • Software tracks user click stream

  • Customized surveys can be incorporated into the guide's audio/visual content

  • Produces easy-to-read reports


  • Visitors can bookmark items of interest either for on-demand printing via MyCollection™ or other post-visit services such as emailing information home

  • Map-driven or object-driven modes

Player Dimensions

  • Length: 132 mm / 5.2” (speaker closed)

  • 180 mm / 7.0” (speaker open)

  • Width: 57 mm / 2.2”

  • Depth: 24 mm / 0.9”

  • Weight: 160 grams / 5.2 oz (including battery and strap)


  • Full day operation

Modular Charging System

  • Innovative modular bay system allows installation flexibility and efficiency

  • Linked modules (5 players per charging rack) can be wall-mounted, shelf-mounted, placed on a desk or in a drawer.

Charging Rack

  • Charges the Opus re-chargeable batteries

  • Supports 25 Opus players

  • Lockable doors

  • Optimized for convenient operation with slanted-up insertion/removal of Opus players

  • Shallow foot-print


  • Compliance to ISO9000, CE, FCC part 15 and RoHS

Product Details

Manufacturer's Brochure: http://www.acoustiguide.com/Data/Uploads/Opus%20web.pdf

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