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Acoustiguide Guide U+ Tour Guiding System

Product Description

Product Description

A System for Every Destination

Guide U+ establishes the new standard for digital group guiding. The equipment’s modularity lets you create a custom guiding system directly supporting your tour guides and visitors. Simply decide which transmitters and receivers you need, choose your preferred headphones and microphones, add in relevant accessories, and you have an elegant solution.

Simplicity at its Best

  • All main settings are automated – one click connection means no configuration is necessary

  • Automatic channel allocation allows multiple groups to easily operate in the same room

  • Handles multiple transmitters for secondary presenters and enhanced visitor participation with up to 35 transmitters and an unlimited number of receivers per group

  • Integrates with existing loudspeaker systems

  • World’s smallest and lightest receivers

  • Inclusive - headsets can be fitted with induction loops for use with hearing aids and are compatible with cochlear implants and BAHAs

Functionality at Your Fingertips

  • Establish networks with a single click, with no channels or frequencies to program and manage

  • Every Guide U+ channel is 100% protected from interference from all nearby digital signals

  • Receivers remain connected after turning off and on

  • Receivers can connect to the room’s existing amplification system

  • Wall Pilot automatically connects receivers and transmitters to the room’s predefined network

  • Audio Hub allows two audio sources to be transmitted to any FM receivers in the room

  • Loudspeaker comes with an integrated receiver

  • Carry Case holds one transmitter and 12 receivers, including the charging elements

  • Modular Charging Tray fits into any 19-inch rack or drawer and holds 12 receivers and one transmitter


  • Multi Talker Network allows for several speakers and interactivity within the group

  • Enhanced audio quality with proprietary Dynamic Speech Extraction and Voice Activity Director

  • New system allows clear transmission in noisy environments up to approx. 95dB

  • 56 usable channels allow multiple tours to be held simultaneously

  • Sleek, elegant design

Product Details

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Manufacturer's Compliance Claim

Inclusive - headsets can be fitted with induction loops for use with hearing aids and are compatible with cochlear implants and BAHAs

Product Compliance

ADA compliant if installed correctly

Disability Types

  • Vision

Product Application

  • ADA Covered Facilities
  • Non-Architectural Product