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Acoustiguide Custom Mobile Applications for Exhibitions and Multimedia Content

Product Description

Product Description

Bespoke Apps for the One-of-a-kind Experience

Like a designer’s atelier, Acoustiguide creates apps tailored to the style and requirements of your site using the finest materials – our technology and creative vision.

Acoustiguide delivers custom apps and websites for smartphones, tablets, and the desktop that are available nowhere else – because yours is the only site for which they are created.

Our technology team focuses on creating unique ways to highlight your exhibitions and multimedia content. The simplicity of the user experience belies the fact that it takes hundreds of hours of programming to translate your vision into an “app.” Acoustiguide works with you to clearly define that vision before we write a single line of code.

During every step of the process, our programmers and UX designers ensure that the app is designed to best achieve your goals, everything from delivering content tailored for the hearing or visually impaired to selling museum memberships and merchandise; from triggering location-based content to surveying visitors about their experiences in real-time.

The Acoustiguide team has created custom apps for some of the world’s most renowned museums including the Louvre, Guggenheim, Smithsonian, 9/11, Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR). Let us do the same for you.

Key Offerings

  • Unique user interfaces - Our design team creates a completely custom user interface to match the look and feel of your website, exhibition, or other mobile applications. With your custom client on top of our highly developed platform, you can benefit from our incremental updates, offline usage capabilities, and cross-platform delivery.

  • Create new experiences - Acoustiguide Interactive develops custom modules such as 3D panoramas, quizzes, games, surveys, and more.

  • Integration - Our apps can integrate with virtually any web-based CMS to pull news, events, data, multimedia, and anything and everything else you want featured. All updates are pushed automatically to all users as well as the versions within the app stores.

  • Custom application development - Acoustiguide technology creates more than a “guide.” Custom apps for your site can include cutting-edge mobile technologies such as augmented reality, image recognition, Wi-Fi positioning, Bluetooth LE, and interactive 3D experiences.

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