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AquaTrek2 AQ-150 Child Size Aquatic Wheelchair

Product Description

ETA Compliance Review

Product Description

AquaTrek2 Aquatic Wheelchairs

We offer several options for our Aquatic Wheelchairs to meet the aquatic needs of everyone. There are 3 models for adults and one model for children. We also offer reclining high-back on the AQ-250 and AQ-350 models.

The AQ-350 is a full size aquatic wheelchair that has a 24” depth with a weight capacity of 350 pounds. This model is ideal for tall adults to create a proper bent knee position.

The AQ-250 has a reduced seat depth of 17” to create a posture correction which is ideal for average height adults. The reduced seat depth creates proper bent knee position for people ranging from 4’6” to 5’10”. The AQ-250 also has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Both the AQ-350 and the AQ-250 come with an open swing arm for transitions as well as a retractable foot rest.

The AQ-150 is our child size option. This model has a seat depth of 15” with a standard reclining high back rest. The reduced seat depth creates a proper bent knee position for kids up to 150 pounds.

We have seat belt and shoulder harness, anti-tip bars, and seat restrainers available for all chairs. All of these items come standard on the AQ-150 (children’s) model.

The AquaTrek2 Aquatic Wheelchair makes a great alternative for a shower chair as well as a seated walker.

Please refer to the manufacturer web site to download specifications


Totally Submersible

Durable and Lightweight

High Quality Stainless Steel Axle

Safe and Comfortable

Retractable Footrest, Swing-arm and Graphite Hand Rims Standard on All Models

Uniquely designed for aquatic use, the AquaTrek2 Aquatic Wheelchair can be used in and around swimming pools, spas, splash areas, Leisure Rivers, and showers. The standard wheelchair comes equipped with a sing arm, moveable footrest, and graphite hand rims on the rear wheels. Additional options available upon request include the seat belt and the shoulder harness as well as the anti-tip option.

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Constructed from furniture grade PVC and the finest stainless steel fasteners, the wheelchair is both durable and noncorrosive. The front wheels are 7 inches in diameter and the rear wheels are 24 inches in diameter. The one piece Nylatron bushing are specifically manufactured to meet the demanding needs of the aquatic environment. The AquaTrek2 Wheelchair is completely submersible and may be used with any of the AquaTrek2 Ramp Systems.

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