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Withdrawn Technical Assistance: Title II Highlights (revised in 2008)

The Department of Justice has withdrawn and, where applicable, removed from ADA.gov, this technical assistance document. This document is outdated and does not fully reflect current law or has been replaced by a more up-to-date document. Withdrawal of a guidance document does not change covered entities' legal responsibilities, as reflected in the ADA, its implementing regulations, and other binding legal requirements and judicial precedent. The Department will continue to fully and fairly enforce all laws within its jurisdiction, including the ADA.

X. Designated Agencies

The following agencies are designated for enforcement of title II for components of State and local governments that exercise responsibilities, regulate, or administer services, programs, or activities in the following functional areas --

  • Department of Agriculture: Farming and the raising of livestock, including extension services.

  • Department of Education: Education systems and institutions (other than health-related schools), and libraries.

  • Department of Health and Human Services: Schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, and other health-related schools; health care and social service providers and institutions, including oegrass-rootsî and community services organizations and programs; and preschool and daycare programs.

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development: State and local public housing, and housing assistance and referral.

  • Department of Interior: Lands and natural resources, including parks and recreation, water and waste management, environmental protection, energy, historic and cultural preservation, and museums.

  • Department of Justice: Public safety, law enforcement, and the administration of justice, including courts and correctional institutions; commerce and industry, including banking and finance, consumer protection, and insurance; planning, development, and regulation (unless otherwise assigned); State and local government support services; and all other government functions not assigned to other designated agencies.

  • Department of Labor: Labor and the work force.

  • Department of Transportation: Transportation, including highways, public transportation, traffic management (non-law enforcement), automobile licensing and inspection, and driver licensing.


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