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28 CFR Part 35 Title II Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) (published 2008)

Note: This NPRM is part of the Corada Archives, as it was originally published to the Federal Register in 2008. The Department of Justice published final regulations on September 15, 2010, and the revised final rules went into effect on March 15, 2011. On August 11, 2016, a final rule was published that took effect on October 11, 2016, that revised the Title II regulations to implement the requirements of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.

Subpart G--Designated Agencies

15. Amend § 35.190 by adding paragraph (e) to read as follows:

§ 35.190 Designated agencies.

* * * * *

(e) When the Department receives a complaint directed to the Attorney General alleging a violation of this part that may fall within the jurisdiction of a designated agency or another Federal agency that may have jurisdiction under section 504, the Department may exercise its discretion to retain the complaint for investigation under this part.


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