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Questions & Answers: Supplement to the 2013 DOJ/DOT Joint Technical Assistance on the Title II of the ADA Requirements To Provide Curb Ramps when Streets, Roads, or Highways are Altered through Resurfacing

Q14: Does the Section 504 safe harbor apply to curb ramps built in compliance with 1991 ADAAG during the time period when the requirement for detectable warnings was suspended and the roadway is now being resurfaced where it intersects the pedestrian walkway?

A14: If the curb ramps that were built or altered prior to November 29, 2006 were fully compliant with 1991 ADAAG at the time that the detectable warnings requirements were suspended, then the DOT Section 504 safe harbor applies to them and the recipient does not have to add detectable warnings as a result of a resurfacing project.   


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