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Guide to the ADA Standards

Accessible Routes and Access Aisles

Accessible parking space with access aisle adjoined by a curb ramp with a top landing 36” deep min.  Accessible route from access aisle on curb ramp and sidewalk highlighted.  Notes:   Accessible routes must connect directly to access aisles. Curb ramps, where provided, cannot protrude into access aisles (which cannot slope more than 1:48 max.) to accommodate wheelchair transfers and vehicle ramps or lifts (§502.4).  A landing at least 36” deep is required at the top of curb ramps; in alterations where space for this landing is unavailable, curb ramps must have side flares with a 1:12 max. slope (§406.4).    Bollards, signs, columns, or other elements cannot be located in the access aisle or reduce the minimum clear width of accessible routes.  Spaces and aisles must be designed so that parked vehicles do not obstruct the required clear width of adjacent accessible routes (§502.7).  Detail:  Parallel curb ramp with landing 48” min long, 60” preferred.  Note:  Where space for curb ramps is limited, including in alterations, parallel ramps can provide an alternative.

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Recommendation:  Configure accessible routes so that they run in front of, instead of behind, parking spaces.


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