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Guide to the ADA Standards

Accessible Passenger Loading Zones [§503]

Requirements for accessible passenger loading zones address vehicle pull-up spaces and access aisles, including their dimensions, surfacing, and vertical clearance.

Accessible Passenger Loading Zone

Accessible passenger loading zone with vehicle pull-up space 20’ long min. and 96” wide min. with an adjacent access aisle the full length of the pull-up space and 60” wide min. Notes:  Vehicle Pull-Up Space (§503.2) The vehicle pull-up space must be at least 96” wide and at least 20’ long.   Access Aisle (§503.3) A marked access aisle is required next to, and at the same level as, the vehicle pull-up space.  The access aisle must be at least 60” wide, extend the full length of the vehicle pull-up space, adjoin an accessible route, and cannot overlap vehicular ways.  The marking method and color is not specified.  Surfaces (§503.4) Vehicle pull-up spaces and access aisles must meet requirements for ground and floor surfaces (§302) and cannot have changes in level other than slopes not steeper than 1:48. Curb ramps cannot overlap access aisles or vehicle pull-up spaces.  Vertical Clearance (§503.5)  A vertical clearance of 114” is required at the vehicle pull-up space and access aisle and along a vehicular route connecting them to a vehicle entrance and exit.   Accessible passenger loading zones are not required to be identified by the International Symbol of Accessibility.


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