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Air Carrier Access Act Technical Assistance Manual (2005)

Note: This document was originally published in 2005, so all references to 14 CFR part 382 herein are hyperlinked to the version that was current at the time of publication (14 CFR Part 382 with amendments issued through July 2003). Click here to view additional versions of this regulation and other publications related to air transportation.

QUESTION: Recently, I broke my leg and I’ll be in a cast and walking with crutches for several weeks. Am I covered by the ACAA?

ANSWER: Yes. The ACAA and part 382 apply to individuals who have a physical or mental impairment that, on a permanent or temporary basis, substantially limits a major life activity. Since your temporary impairment limits the major life activity of walking, you are considered a qualified individual with a disability. Therefore, you are covered by the ACAA and Part 382. [Sec. 382.5]


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