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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about Corada

FAQ: What does "powered by Evan Terry Associates" mean?

Corada was developed and is maintained by Evan Terry Associates, for the purpose of helping people to identify, to understand, and to meet their obligations under the ADA and other access requirements. 

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ETA is an architecture firm that is well-known for having a team of ADA experts who have extensive knowledge and experience with access compliance. ETA is committed to the “Universal Design” concept for facility accessibility. Their architectural projects are designed to ensure access to buildings and facilities for all people, including those with disabilities. Their expert ADA team offers detailed ADA facility surveys, plan reviews, training, expert witness and product consulting on a regular basis to healthcare facilities, large corporations, and federal, state and local government clients. ETA’s work with ADA has earned the firm a nationwide reputation as one of the leaders in the field of accessible design. Corada taps into this collective knowledge to ensure the information presented on our site is correct and thorough.


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