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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about Corada

FAQ: How do I create a new post in Corada Voices?

To create a new post in Corada Voices:

1. Login to Corada and from the home page, click on "VOICES."

2. Click on "Compose a New Post."

3. Choose the category that best fits your post, and the correct form will open.

4. Complete each field on the form. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*):

5. You may chose to post anonymously by clicking on the YES/NO toggle.

6. You may set privacy settings for your post by choosing one of the following from the menu:

  • "Everyone" - general public

  • "Only Me" - for your use only (for example, to make notes to yourself or to save this post as a draft for future edits before publishing)

  • "Only Users with Accessibility Specialist level" - only viewable to those with an Accessibility Specialist subscription

  • "Selected WorkGroup(s)" - this will make your post viewable to only the WorkGroup(s) you select. Click "Add WorkGroup" and select from the list of WorkGroups of which you are a member. Repeat this step as needed to select all the WorkGroups desired.

7. You may also attach images or files by selecting the “Add file” link, near the bottom of the form. Repeat this step as needed to add desired files.

8. When ready, click the blue “Submit” button.


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