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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about Corada

FAQ: How do I enter keywords in my Voices post?

To enter keywords in your Voices post:

1. While composing a new post or a reply, find the "Keywords" field.

2. Begin to type a keyword or phrase like "side reach" or "public right-of-way." When the keyword options are displayed, select the desired keyword. Repeat this process until all applicable/desired keywords are entered. 

  • This is not a required field and you may leave it blank. However, in order for your uploaded content to be integrated with Corada’s existing database of other accessibility-related material, it must have at least one ADA reference and one keyword to pull in other relevant information such as documents, products, how-to videos, expert opinions, design ideas, possible solutions, training opportunities, Voices discussions, links, and upcoming events.

  • Read FAQ: Why should I enter keywords in my Voices post?


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