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ADAAG Manual

Note: This document, portion of document or referenced document was published prior to the 2010 ADA Standards, and is still applicable.

Medical Care and Other Services for Persons with Mobility Impairments

Greater access is required at outpatient facilities (10%) and those that specialize in serving people with mobility impairments (20%) since the need for accessible parking is usually greater at these types of facilities. This is intended to apply to visitor or patient parking. Recommendation: If a lot serves more than one facility or portions of a facility not subject to this higher scoping, a local zoning code or other method can be used to determine the number of spaces that "belong" to each one, usually by square footage, occupant load, and occupancy type. For example, if a lot generally serves a hospital with an outpatient unit, the 10% requirement can be applied to the number of spaces determined for the outpatient unit and the basic scoping of the table applied to the remainder.


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